Sunday, February 6

Blog of the Day

Blog of the Day seems to have struck-up a good formula, no need to struggle for something to write about, just post an article on the latest entry for .... you guessed it, the blog of the day.

Although I find the layout to be that of a standard Blogger(TM) template, Blog of the day serves to provide a growing list of other blogs of interest.

My blog (The Daily Blog) has earned a spot there and will be posted on the 11th Feb, so what are you waiting for ? Slide on over there and take a look for yourself. While you are there you can submit your blog for the chance of a spot. Don't forget to bookmark it, as I think you'll find it a blog worthy of return visits.

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melinama said...

Hey Tony, I'm "Blog of the Day" for today, Monday. I'll let you know how it goes. !
Melinama (

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