Monday, January 31

Politics, Religion and Bloody Traffic Generators

I spend a good few hours surfing around the Blog-0-Sphere and in so doing I have discovered some good blogs, with interesting material, but I'm sick to death of running across blog after blog with political or religious agenda's. Yes, I do have political views, but a blog isn't the place to spew them forth. And yes, I do have religious beliefs, but again I dont think that a blog is the place to air them.

And one more thing WE KNOW ABOUT BLOODY BLOGAZOO so write about something else.

Ok gripe over, time to get back to surfing those blogs (via those nameless traffic generators LOL).

Sunday, January 30

Deja Blue

Whilst out driving today (on my way back from the supermarket) I was overtaken by a blue streak, now the reason I say this is because I was travelling at a smidging over 80mph and the car that passed me must have been doing at least 130mph. Anyway, I thought to myself 'wow he's in a hurry to get home' ....then I was reminded of something that happened to me way back in my youth.

Turn the clock back almost 30yrs and you will find me standing in the pouring rain at the edge of a very busy Motorway (that's a Freeway to my American readers) hitching a ride, I was about to resign myself to dying of hyperthermia at the roadside when a blue car pulled up and the rear door swung open.
Well, I couldnt get into the car fast enough and was soon beginning to enjoy the feeling that was returning to my body when I suddenly became aware that the car was travelling a little too fast (especially considering the wet road conditions), I asked the driver if he could slow down a little, but seemingly oblivious to my request he starts to tell me how crap his life has suddenly become...
He say's "until recently I was a successful business man, everything was going really great for me. My marriage was good, we were happy, then one day I'm taking a client out for lunch when one thing leads to another and we end up sleeping together. Now, I had until then been completely faithful to my wife and as a result of the guilt that I felt, I decided never to cheat on her again..and never tell her of the incident....fine, you might think, but little did I know that this girl had kindly invected me with sythilis, which in turn I passed on to the wife. Needless to say, the marriage was the first thing to go, followed by the house, the business and now the bastards want to repossess the I dont give a shit if i die driving it."

To cut a long story short, I went into a panick and screamed at the man to pull over and let me out of the car ...after about a mile, he slams on the brakes ..slides across three lanes of traffic and hits the barrier on the nearside lane .
How the heck we survived I dont know ..Define providence ?...maybe, but I'd rather devine providence would have stepped in sooner and prevented me from entering the car in the first place.

So, the blue streak that passed me today may not have been in a hurry to get home after all, he may have picked up a hitcher and was telling them how crap his life was.

Saturday, January 29

Two Weeks in the Blogosphere

Well it's been two weeks since I discovered the Blogosphere and already I'm an addict. Thanks to the many plugs and Ads on other blogs I have discovered such wonderful traffic-increasing tools as, Blogexplosion, Blogclicker and Search4Blogs (all free). Already the traffic generated by these has taken effect (look at the counter at the bottom of the page) as today I have exceeded the 3000 mark (YAY).
A warning to anyone who is thinking of joining one (or all) of the above traffic generators ... They are seriously addictive.

Anyone who has passed by my blog in the previous two weeks would have noticed the changes that I've been making to the overall look. I experimented on various designs and colour-schemes, before settling on this Black and White look. I decided on this as I found it easy on the eye -- hoping someone will stay longer than the obligatory 30 seconds to appreciate the benefits on the Iris -- feel free to leave comments and suggestions (constructive critism only hehehe).
Well time to go surf those blogs and clock-up those credits. Oh one last thing, I don't know if the guys from Blogexplosion happened across my little pic in the previous post 'How Apt', but I've won two 25 credit mystery prizes since posting it ...Hehe.

Friday, January 28

How Apt

How apt 'Bady'

Wow a massive 2 Credits, thanks so much Blogexplosion ..couldn't be more apt 'BADY' although 'TIGHT' comes to mind :)

One question leads to another?

Do you ever stop and think 'why am I here?', not here at this blog, but here in this life, on this planet.
I have been asking myself this question a lot of late. Once this question has been offered up to the conscious mind, it presents other questions,
such as:-
Does my life impact the lives of those who know me?
Does my life impact those who don't know me ?
Is the impact my life has on others negative or positive ?
Am I getting all that I could be from my life ?
When my life expires, will my grave mean anything to anyone?

Then the biggie ---- Does it matter?

When you ask 'why am I here?' what questions arise in your mind?

Wednesday, January 26

Last Straw

OK I'm happily surfing the net when suddenly everything comes to a grinding halt, then seconds later my PC resets of its own accord. Yep you guessed it, my ISP service went down yet again. Only this time the modem glitched and caused damage to my Motherboard (Mainboard to my American viewers...or Mobo to the geeks among us).
So I immediately contact customer services and ask for a replacement modem (as I refuse to replace the Mobo just for it to be damaged again...i've already lost 2 mobo's to this sucker)...Well after being passed between Customer Services and Tech Support for well over 2hrs, I finally get told that they take no responsibility for the damage and that there is no action they can take.
Well how about this for action NTL (name of Service Provider) ....WORK YOUR SERVICE UP YOUR ARSE ....That action will cost you the loss of my £1200+ per annum custom.

Tuesday, January 25

Blogger Blues

I dont know about the rest of you that use Blogger as your host, but I've had a hard time publishing to my blog over the past few days. Now I'm not one to complain about a free service, but come on blogger increase your bandwidth. After all my best blogging moments being spontaneous are lost after numerous failed attempts to post them.
That said, I think blogger is otherwise a good service and easy to work with (especially for an ole fart like me, that has forgotten more than he remembers about HTML etc).

Monday, January 24

Just my opinion

Personally I do not condone the butchering of innocent people in the name of freedom. Tell me where is the terrorist threat now ? Maybe we'd be better informed if we take our noses out of the tabloids and paid a visit to the many other sources that depict the suffering (unnecessary) of the Iraqi people.
Don't get me wrong, I agree that Sadaam and Bin-Laden had to be dealt with and removed, but this has been achieved, so pull our troops out and bring about the democracy that they are supposed to have won for Iraq.

The Face of Evolution

Creationists were dumbfounded when presented with the evidence for the 'Missing Link'.

Sunday, January 23

When I was your age

A father noticed that his son was spending way too much time playing computer games. In an effort to motivate the boy into focusing more attention on his schoolwork, the father said to his son, "When Abe Lincoln was your age, he was studying books by the light of the fireplace." The son replied, "When Lincoln was your age, he was The President of The United States."

Big Brother is Watching You

The world abounds with conspiracy theories and paranoia, but do you realise how traceable you are on the Internet. Unless you subscribe to a 'Net Annonymiser' your net activities are open to the whole world (including your emails).
I've added a new link to the blog 'Trace Me?' - click on it to see how traceable you are.
I dont know about you, but I find it rather disturbing that anyone (in the know) can find out exactly where you are. I think our ISP's should do more to protect our Online Identity (obviously still making it accessable to the authorities, but not to Joe Public).
What's your opinion ?

Saturday, January 22

Yay I'm Back

Yay, after 18hrs of downtime my ISP has finally got their act together and sorted the problem ...I was going crazy with no TV, no phone and no Net ...It wouldnt have been so bad, but I was in the middle of working on my new Blog...I had just made some major changes to the template ..previewwd them and was about to save the changes when WHAMO fecking connection.
Still, all seems well now, so it's back to the other blog and on with the show :)

Friday, January 21

They say it's the browser

OK, I've been on the phone countless times to Techsupport and now they are saying it's my browser (bullshit), Ive installed the Firefox browser and still surfing is a crawl . I'm fast running out of patience with these muppets ...Today I shall start looking for an alternative ISP. Talking of Firefox, I can no longer see the embedded video -I see the Controls and Video window, but when I try to play it nothing happens ....any ideas how I can get it to work with Firefox ?

Thursday, January 20


My ISP sucks, I really dont know why I stay with them -they bleed my
wallet dry and for what ? - for a second-rate service, that's what.

I've been trying to surf the net all day, I actually had stuff that I
wanted to download and a few things I was studying, but my connection
is crawling so bad ..It feels like a return to dialup (stuff that) .

I've been trying to contact the Tech Support (what a joke, tech ? they
wouldnt know their RAM from their ROM), you know how it
finally get through only to be put in the Auto-Queue and subjected to
the most heinous noise (they call it music) for what seems like
forever...then when a human (haha) answers you find you can hardly
understand a word they say --- yep NTL have sold out to India -- now
dont get me wrong, I have nothing against Indians or any other race
for that matter, but come on TEACH EM TO SPEAK FECKING ENGLISH.

OK ..After an hour trying to communicate my problem to the TECH-HEAD,
I still find that my net surfing is almost at a standstill.

Do I get a reduction in charges when I get a reduction in service ..YEAH RIGHT.

Not only do I have to pay the same rate for a degraded service, but
...YEP YOU GUESSED IT ....I also get stung for the over-priced call to
Tech Support.

OK whinge over let's see if this actually POSTS...HEHE

Picture to post

I have been considering posting pictures on the blog, but if you are like me, then a blog filled up with pictures through which you have to scroll to get to any real blogging a pain in the butt I've had an idea ...I shall create myself a second blog and call it Photo-Blog. Then all I need do is post pictures there and put a link to it on this blog ...Simple.
Then people who wish to see the state of my mind through pictures will be able to visit Photo-blog and leave their comments there.

Ok now some feedback ....should I bother with Photo-Blog ???

Leave comments on this post.

Wednesday, January 19

Hypocritic Oath

By Lee Pitts June 2001

I swear an oath on my honor as a hypocrite that...

I will cuss cows but eat beef, blast miners but wear jewelry and drive a car but condemn oil companies.

I don't want trees cut for ...." (Click link to read the rest)


Ok, I think discovering blogsphere (that's the world of blogs - for
the less blog-addicted) I have developed a rapidly growing addiction
to all things blog. I've been clicking through the 'Next Blog' button
for the past two days ... I must say it's scarey to see so many
like-minded people in the world (are we all so desperate for
Oh well back to the blogsphere ..I have a new pet to feed (blog-a-dik-shun).

GuestBook and Tagboard

Today I added a Tag Board to the blog ...Just enter a name, email/web address (Optional) and type in your message.
You can even add smileys to the message. Whats more the TagBoard will Auto-Refresh to you can chat live (almost).

I've also added a GuestBook, so feel free to sign it and leave feedback.

I dont know, the things I do for you people :)

Monday, January 17

Freudian typos

I hope I'm not alone in suffering from Freudian typos. Unlike normal typos, these typos are the kind that make you wonder about your mental health. Case in point: I sometimes accidentally type 'lust' instead of 'list.' It's a simple mistake - U and I are right next to each other on the keyboard - but it makes you wonder if I need to get out a little more.

Reduced-carb Spuds

UK: Reduced-carb potato could go on sale in Britain : Food industry news:

Article Summary:
A potato variety that is lower in carbohydrates and calories than most regular varieties could go on sale in UK supermarkets this year.

The Curse

There are those who can and there are those who cannot...

There are those who do and there are those who do not...

I unfortunately belong to the 'I do but cannot' category...

I have been given the knowledge of choice

yet am limited by my lack of capability...

and thus I become one of the

doomed...until things change.

Sunday, January 16

Bells and Whistles

Yeah ..look over there >>>>
I've managed to gloss things up a little with the addition of a clock and a
streaming video feed.
I havent touched HTML for an age, so I am pleased with the results (after hours of trial and error)
And now I feel I have earned the right to sleep, so it's off to bed for me.

First Post

I've just discovered that google offer free Blog-space, so here then begins my journey into blogdom..

I've not slept for the past 48hrs due to the neighbours deciding to rebuild the interior of their house (banging and clanging 12hrs a day for the past week), still I dont sleep well at the best of times so at least it gives me reason to sit here typing to my blogg.

My thought for the day:-

If a cups usefulness is in its emptiness, does that mean a full cup
is therefore useless?

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