Wednesday, February 9

Flash Cards

I've been thinking of re-configuring my blog and maybe adopting some kind of flash card format, maybe then those that surf on through via these traffic generators would use their 30 seconds to actually READ what I post.

Now to come up with a way to make 'blip comments' ...what the heck is a blip comment ? Well it's like a superfast way of leaving a comment within your alloted 30 second stay.

Dare I ask for feedback ?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an interesting idea and yes I'm on one of those exchanges and I still posted.


sorry for the anonymous listing my login was messing up...

Maggie said...

I don't really know what your talking about. But, if it makes you feel any better - I always make a point to read the blogs I come acorss via blog-exchanges :)

happyandblue2 said...

I got here via blogclicker and I couldn't agree with you more.
Not only is it hard to read the blog in 30 seconds but the blog is cut off to hide the name.
I often just give up and click away.

Anonymous said...

well blogger doesn't let me log in when I am surfing through blog clicker. I always read the first post and if you get my attention with it I will bookmark you and be back!

Tatty Tiara said...

Hey, I read what people pos... oops - gotta go... ;)

Anonymous said...

Flash is always a nice addition to a website. So long as it's not overused. But you also want to think about your visitors that don't have a flash plugin installed on their computers as well. Those who don't have the plugin will get their screens frozen and chances are you'll lose vistitors. There are ways around that problem though, you just need to do some research before implementing flash into your site is all. I like the entries already and those who don't read your posts are missing out and don't deserve to be entertained by you. But that's just my opinion ;)

Name: Melissa
Site URL:

Anonymous said...

I don't understand comments like, "It's hard to read posts and comment in 30 seconds." It's not like you're forced to move along after 30 seconds is up. Instead, try giving people a reason to stay longer than the 30 second minimum.

Tatty Tiara said...

RYC: I've never known a talking bird personally - you're serious? The poor creature actually had the presence of mind to say "help me"? Stunning, but Lordy, that broke my heart!

Tim said...

I read most of the blogs I click through on blogclicker, unless they really suck. I don't really comment though unless I actually have something to say. And on that note.

Two things to be aware of for your Firefox users:
- the text in your posts is running over the picture of the pointing guy.
- the right-click denial script doesn't work in Firefox, just IE. The pop up still pops up, it just doesn't prevent the menu from coming up.


Tony said...

Thank you for the info Tim. I've removed the .css code now (pity, I liked the little guy - maybe Firefox will be better written on it's next update HAHA).

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