Wednesday, February 9

Mynah Matters

Whilst surfing the blogosphere via blogexplosion, I happened upon Pink Pleasures blog, where she had posted an article about a certain crow that had been rescued LINK . As I read through, I was reminded of the Mynah bird (Fred) that my mother used to keep.

Well, one day mum came in from shopping to find Fred crawling across the livingroom floor whimpering 'Help me! Help me!'. It turned out that a cat had gained access to the house (through a window that mum had left partially open) . Fred died in mums hands minutes after she picked him from the floor, which broke mums heart.

I used to complain about Fred's incessant chatter, but the nature of his demise left me feeling a little guilty.

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TeknoFriend said...

Hey, I'm sorry to hear about Fred. I used to have a bird and it died shortly for some unknown disease. By the way, thanks for visiting my blog :-)

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