Friday, February 11

Firms warned to approach Firefox migration with caution

Analyst firm Gartner has said that companies should think carefully before migrating from the Internet Explorer browser to the open-source Firefox browser from Mozilla.

The Gartner report said Firefox's growth, so far, was "unsustainable" as many of the features that had made it popular were primarily aimed at individual users not businesses.

Gartner said the most likely scenario in the future is that Internet Explorer will co-exist with Firefox on PC's as companies install Firefox as a back-up browser and to make sure they do not miss out on future features.

Another probable factor in Firefox failing to severely dent Internet Explorer's base in the commercial sector is the increasing number of worms and viruses now targeting Firefox and other browser alternatives to Internet Explorer.

(full article here)


Rob said...

At my place of work, our Macs have IE, Firefox and Safari installed. We also have Thunderbird and Apple's Mail program for our email client.

Personally, I like having the option of choosing an alternate browser just in case something doesn't work quite right in one of them.

Andy Dabydeen said...
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Andy Dabydeen said...

Gartner lost all respectability when they started kissing Microsoft's ass last year. It all started when they were paid by Microsoft to deliver the verdict that Linux was more expensive than Windows. (Nothing has been proven either way, but for a big research firm to take sides was lost of credibility.)

Jen said...

At this point, anything is better than IE. If I have to buy a Mac, I will.

Tony said...

Gartner were paid ?, sounds like a disgruntled Linux user to me.

As for I'll think i'll buy a mac ..go ahead and do it, but dont come whinging when you pay extortionate prices for your software.
Incidently 89% of the visitors to this bnlog are using XP and 71% are using IE 5+
As for me, I'll use IE and XP simply because I wont be bullied by anti-MS kids.

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