Friday, February 18

Warning - This is highly addictive

Ever find yourself looking for something to fill those times of inactivity or boredom ? Look no further, for here is a link to an amusing little game in which you must bat a Penguin as far as you can across the ice.
To do this you simply left-click to cause the Penguin to dive, then left-click again to swing the bat (it all hangs on your timing). (requires the Flash Plug-in)

Let me know what your personal best score is.

Have fun.


frankthebunny said...

Hahahaha! That's great! My highest so far was 320.9

Tony said...

Hehehe! beat ya (just about), I got 321.

Anonymous said...

RSPCA rate me a Homicidal freak

405....its all in the timing....

Hey Twin... catch up ....

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