Sunday, February 20

Where do you want to go today ? (anywhere but Windows Update)

I spent the best part of a day installing SP1 and all the darn security and critical updates, I get to the last update and what happens, the thing hangs-up --- no prob thinks I, i'll just continue from where I left off --- so, I go back to Windows Update and continue the download.
30 minutes later the update is installed and the dialogue box informs me that I have to restart the PC, I click 'Restart now' and hey presto! ... the fecking PC goes into an eternal loop of restarting as soon as Windows has loaded. After spending hours trying to rectify the problem I finally give in and do a complete re-install of XP, which takes another 8hrs (having to install drivers, apps and all the other crap).
Now one of my qualities is 'persistence', so off I go to windows update and proceed to download SP1 and all the other critical crap. Many hours later i'm downloading the last of the batch, when... you guessed it, the download hangs-up again. Eventually I get the last of the updates and I'm presented with the 'Restart now' dialogue box, hesitantly I click the mouse and ....and everything works fine.
The moral of this story:

If at first you dont succeed, don't expect to know why.


Melissa said...

*laughs* that sounds so much like me it isn't even funny. Except it would have messed up about 10 times before it finally worked >_< the joys of windows updates! lol

Lilly said...

In Nov 2004 I decided to upgrade to XP SP2 but someone told me not to use Windows Update. Instead, I went to Microsoft's Download Center to get the full-featured service pack (wow, 200+ megs!), which I saved to my hard drive for installation at a later time. It's much better for the ff reasons: 1) even if download hangs, you can resume when you're using a download manager. 2) You don't have to go back to Win Update to reinstall the service pack each and every time you reformat your hard drive or do an OS reinstallation. Moral lesson: The shortest distance isn't always the safest :)

The Wager Witch said...

I duno - but I keep getting more probs - and I'm telling you - I heard it was supposed to be more stable - but IE keeps crashing now. Sigh...

Firefox is the only way for me to stay up online for long periods of time - but it's so much slower.

Ya win some - ya lose some.

Wager Witch

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