Saturday, February 19

Session Time Bomb

If you have installed Microsoft Antispyware (Beta), then I suggest you run it and take a look in the Help/About/Diagnostics menu, as I found an entry there that said something like this:

sessiontimebomb 162 days

SessionTimeBomb ???? What the heck is that all about ?

I decided that I trusted Microsoft about as much as I trust Tony Blaire, so I promptly uninstalled Antispyware (Beta). I shall wait until the Final release before I re-install the beastie (Microsoft have apparently decided that they will not charge for the full version when it eventually gets released)

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Jonathan said...

Pretty sure that's when that particular update will no longer work. Believe it or not, it's a good thing - no false sense of security from a grievously outdated program.

Yeah, M$ could have used a better name for their timer, but... well.

On the good side, they update it like every week? Frequently, at least - and it's better than nothing, especially considering the problems it corrects can generally be linked right back to them.

constructionawesome said...

Johnathon contractor… awesome!

totally agree that poor construction leads to less than stellar usage of the program.

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