Wednesday, February 9

I've Been Judged (again)

It seems someone has seen fit to copy the posts from the JudgeMENTAL site and make a list of their own, lovingly entitled ' Bottom 12 Worst Blogs - EVER '. My blog is listed among them (Boohoo).
I couldn't help noticing that the list is typed out in HUGE print, yet the note at the top of the page that vindicates some of those on the list (me for one) is in tiny print.

I'd like to point out that when the Judge originally passed his judgement on my blog, It was only my second day of blogging and I was using a standard Blogger Template to which I'd made a few alterations, I have to admit - It was a tad hideous ROFL.

I haven't done any HTML coding for years and I'm completely new to Cascading Style Sheets, so come-on guys, be a bit more forgiving. Personally, I think my blog looks better than the standard Blogger Templates (feel free to agree).

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pri said...

Psst, tell nobody but I do like it.

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