Saturday, February 12

Windows XP Updates Questionaire

I've been looking at my site-stats and noticed that 89% of my visitors are using Windows XP, so I'd like to ask a few questions of those 89%.

  1. Do you have Service Pack 1 installed ?
  2. Do you have Service Pack 2 installed ?
  3. If you're using Service Pack 2, have you had any problems with it ?
  4. Do you have the latest security updates ?
  5. If you have the latest security updates has installing them caused any problems ?

Feedback would be appreciated, thank you.


Anonymous said...

I use SP1 and the latest security patches and i've had no problems with instability or otherwise.

Lewis E. Moten III said...

1. I have Service Pack 1 installed.
2. I have Service Pack 2 installed.
3. I have not had any problems.
4. I have the latest security updates.
5. They have not caused any problems.

Lewis E. Moten III said...

Regarding your reply on my blog, I have not had any problems with any applications. You may want to google some news groups if you have had a problem and see if someone has a fix for it.

SwissToni said...

morning. I am one of the happy few. I'm using Mac OSX and there's no turning back now!

aka_monty said...

I have no idea which service pack I'm using. I'm a computer-dunce. I DO, however, have the latest security updates, and they have not caused any of yet. Although I must admit that I just got a new hard drive 3 days ago. Before that, I was using Windows 98.
So I guess I am no help to you whatsoever. :)

ChickeePoo said...

I have every update and service pack installed on my laptop but because of all the problems we've heard of we haven't put SP 2 on the desktop yet. I might not have put it on the laptop except that the HD was replaced and I figured I could safely just do everything to it then and not worry about losing anything :-)

Vector said...

I have both packs installed, no problems what so ever. Also latest security updates are installed, no problems with those either.

Richard Taylor said...

I have SP2, and all security updates installed. I have not had any problems, and would hate to 'go back' to previous versions.

Richard Taylor
BlogAzoo Admin Team

Michael_the_Archangel said...

Service Pack 1 installed on all my computers (I have 6 of them). Service pack 2 installed on only one. Had to update/switch several programs after the update to service pack 2 which is why I only did it to the one computer. If you would consider it a problem (I did) then it was, more of a problem than I wanted to deal with on my other computers, so yeah, I guess I thought/think of it as a problem.

Aside from that one issue, yes they all have the lastest security updates and I haven't had a problem with the security updates.

Tony said...

Thanks for the feedback. From what you've all been saying, I think i'll go with SP1 and all the security updates...but I'll leave SP2 until MS release a SP2a :)

ShoeHound said...

SP 2 was a nightmare for me. My brand new laptop slowed down and then crashed. Traumatic for me. I reinstalled everything but that and ignore the requests to do so.

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