Wednesday, February 2

I'll Use Whatever I Choose

It seems that because I choose not to be manipulated by the present trend to migrate to Firefox, that I have become a target for derision by various bloggers (who incidentally hide behind anonymity).I wish to therefore point out to this/these person(s) that my choice of Browser/OS is not for them to decide, no more than it is for me to dictate to anyone else which Browser/OS they should use.

It is my right to use whichever browser and/or OS that I choose, as it is their right to use whichever they choose.

If you wish to be persuaded by the current Anti-Microsoft movement, then at least go the whole nine yards and stop using Windows XP/ME/98/NT/95 etc, after all you could at least show commitment to the cause.

A point of note, it is because I use Internet Explorer that I am aware of its vulnerabilities and am therefore diligent in my measures against them. Can the same be said for those that use Firefox and other Mozilla browsers? After all, you do realise that to date there have been 55 exploits identified in these browsers, which enable hackers to gain access to your system without detection. It seems to me that people are installing Firefox under the false pretence that they are now safe (admittedly these exploits are being addressed).

One last point, the claim to security that has been made concerning Firefox is actually issuing a challenge for hackers to find its exploits.


Frozen Truth said...

Firefox users are not all anti-Microsoft (the majority simply find it to be a better, faster, easier to use browser). As for security flaws, Firefox has the advantage of many more programmers (since it is based on open source) who can tackle such flaws on the fly and get us updates far quicker than Microsoft could ever manage considering its limited resources for the IE project.

Tony said...

Oh my another ignormous rofl

windspike said...

Use what you like. Others will decide to return of they like. Remember, bloggers vote as by mouse clicks. No one is stopping someone from not returning to your location.

Anonymous said...

The bad thing about open source. Don't take me wrong I love open source but the bad thing is everyone has the code and it makes it that much easier to make the perfect and untracable exploits. The concept that FireFox or any other browser is safer then the other is a complete falsehood IMHO but a great marketing scheme.

Anonymous said...

Use what you like! But Firefox is safer. As to hackers, we are the hackers. We work on firefox everyday, to hack it, then secure it. Our last vulnerbility was found and patched in less than 48 hours,,compared to ..well 2 years to get SP2 from microsoft. Please dont fool yourself, as anyone who is schooled or trained in computers, programming know it is safer and better.
As to marketing......Firefox is free..we market it because it is better, no profit in it for anyone. I would advise you to read a book about security or take a class.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I see "firefox" everywhere.


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