Monday, January 24

The Face of Evolution

Creationists were dumbfounded when presented with the evidence for the 'Missing Link'.


browneyes said...

tht is absolutely hilarious. kinda scary too. lol. if i didn't know better, it would almost make me believe in evolution. thank God i do know better. haha

Anonymous said...

You know, a person has to wonder about someone who would mutilate his own face like Mr. Jackson has done. Wait, did i say Mr. Jackson? Hmmmmmmm, must have lost my mind for a second. lol. Maybe the look he was after was "the missing lynx". I, for onw, think if the missing link was found, it would be a big improvement on this photo. But that is just my opinion of course.

Muse of Xanadu2000

Charmaine said...

Oh my. Looking at that picture too long makes me want to puke.

Conezy said...

It is like a car crash on the side of the road. You do not want to look, but you find yourself staring at it.

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