Monday, January 31

Politics, Religion and Bloody Traffic Generators

I spend a good few hours surfing around the Blog-0-Sphere and in so doing I have discovered some good blogs, with interesting material, but I'm sick to death of running across blog after blog with political or religious agenda's. Yes, I do have political views, but a blog isn't the place to spew them forth. And yes, I do have religious beliefs, but again I dont think that a blog is the place to air them.

And one more thing WE KNOW ABOUT BLOODY BLOGAZOO so write about something else.

Ok gripe over, time to get back to surfing those blogs (via those nameless traffic generators LOL).


Jexebel said...

Ugh, I know. The nine millionpolitical blogs out there just can't be healthy

Anonymous said...

What do you mean a Blog is not the place for a political agenda?

I think you meant, in your opinion a Blog is not the place for political agenda ...

I can have any type of blog I want!!


Jay said...

I hate when people post those kinds of comments anonymously...

Anyway, no kidding. Every 3rd blog is that blagazoo thing, or whatever it's called...why are people so excited about that?

And I don't mind the existence of political blogs, but since I'm not even American and don't give a crap, I wish I could filter them out. Each blog says "I AM RIGHT AND THE OTHER SIDE IS WRONG". It's biased and not even

Tony said...

Yes Mr Anonymous you can have any kind of blog you like, but dont add it to a Traffic-Generator and push it in the faces of those that dont hold your beliefs.

Tony <<< not afraid to identify with my opinion LOL

Anonymous said...

I agree - there are far too many political blogs and don't get me started on religion! I am guilty of shamelessly advertising blogazoo amongst others though (sorry!).

Rubbish Films (Apologies for anonymous - Blogger wouldn't let me log in again!!)

Anonymous said...

I agree. And have you noticed that everyone on the Internet is an extremist? There are no moderate political blogs!


Miss Luvz said...

I hate to admit it, but I use BE for the surfing potential to find new blogs to read. Had I not started using it, I never would have found the awesome blogs that I have in my roll.

But I agree on the political and religious thing. Blogs are for (at least what they were started as) recounting or talking about personal events and opinions. I wonder if these people that do the religion and politics ever had a journal made of paper and they wrote in them like they are now?

*Hangs her head* I think I found the next thing that I'm going to post about! *laughs*

Anonymous said...


dolphin said...

A blog is the place to "spew forth" whatever you want to spew forth.

And traffic generators are for increasing traffic to what ever you want to spew forth for peopel to read. and if you want them to read your spewings (or at least have them on their screen) you get to return the favor, that's the way it works.

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