Thursday, January 20


My ISP sucks, I really dont know why I stay with them -they bleed my
wallet dry and for what ? - for a second-rate service, that's what.

I've been trying to surf the net all day, I actually had stuff that I
wanted to download and a few things I was studying, but my connection
is crawling so bad ..It feels like a return to dialup (stuff that) .

I've been trying to contact the Tech Support (what a joke, tech ? they
wouldnt know their RAM from their ROM), you know how it
finally get through only to be put in the Auto-Queue and subjected to
the most heinous noise (they call it music) for what seems like
forever...then when a human (haha) answers you find you can hardly
understand a word they say --- yep NTL have sold out to India -- now
dont get me wrong, I have nothing against Indians or any other race
for that matter, but come on TEACH EM TO SPEAK FECKING ENGLISH.

OK ..After an hour trying to communicate my problem to the TECH-HEAD,
I still find that my net surfing is almost at a standstill.

Do I get a reduction in charges when I get a reduction in service ..YEAH RIGHT.

Not only do I have to pay the same rate for a degraded service, but
...YEP YOU GUESSED IT ....I also get stung for the over-priced call to
Tech Support.

OK whinge over let's see if this actually POSTS...HEHE


browneyes said...

It posted. rofl

Tony said...

By posted...and my next prayer is for NTL to disappear from the face of the planet. :)

Anonymous said...

maria is working on it for ya

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