Tuesday, January 25

Blogger Blues

I dont know about the rest of you that use Blogger as your host, but I've had a hard time publishing to my blog over the past few days. Now I'm not one to complain about a free service, but come on blogger increase your bandwidth. After all my best blogging moments being spontaneous are lost after numerous failed attempts to post them.
That said, I think blogger is otherwise a good service and easy to work with (especially for an ole fart like me, that has forgotten more than he remembers about HTML etc).


Anonymous said...

Almost everybody uses a template program...I'm not sure why. It's so easy to build blog as part of a personal website, and everybody should have a website. It takes a bit of knowledge, but nothing difficult. Check my blog at www.wdslibrary.com/Blog

Toni said...

I have issues of Blogger losing my posts all the time too, so what I do is that after I write a post, I save it to Wordpad just in case Blogger decides to eat it again. I don't recommend typing the post out in MS Word or Wordpad first because if you paste it on Blogger the font gets all screwy.

pri said...

Most of the problems with Blogger come when you write your Blog using Blogger's interface, but they are usually solved when using a third party program as editor.
I use w.bloggar and haven't experienced any problem since I began with it.

Bradley said...

I like to blame this on Murphy. It's the only thing he's good for...why? Because the moment Blogger decides to act up is the moment when I'm trying to post something moderately important, or mildy amusing, and always when it's a combination of the two.


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