Thursday, January 20

Picture to post

I have been considering posting pictures on the blog, but if you are like me, then a blog filled up with pictures through which you have to scroll to get to any real blogging a pain in the butt I've had an idea ...I shall create myself a second blog and call it Photo-Blog. Then all I need do is post pictures there and put a link to it on this blog ...Simple.
Then people who wish to see the state of my mind through pictures will be able to visit Photo-blog and leave their comments there.

Ok now some feedback ....should I bother with Photo-Blog ???

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browneyes said...

the mind is a scary place. i dont know if i want to see it. lol. but if you are up to it go for it. better you than me.

Anonymous said...

man with that head i dont know if i'd post a picture of my brain. might be kinda ugly. of course now if you want to post one of mine its quite beautiful. its so full of intelligence.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a very good idea. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. I have a friend who has been asking for a picture of me and i think this has made me decide to send one to them. We can always capture the true essence of life in a picture if it is taken with the correct camera and by the correct photographer.

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