Wednesday, January 19

Hypocritic Oath

By Lee Pitts June 2001

I swear an oath on my honor as a hypocrite that...

I will cuss cows but eat beef, blast miners but wear jewelry and drive a car but condemn oil companies.

I don't want trees cut for ...." (Click link to read the rest)


browneyes said...

i would never be a hypocrit....hold on a sec...i got to take off my jewelry

Tony said...

LOL ..yeah you take off that jewelery, I'll go work the mines

Anonymous said...

Aint a hypocrit one of them people who claim they are sick all the time? I can't stand people like that. They need to get a life.

Tony said...

Nah a hypocrit is a small parasite that sucks on the blood of hypo's

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