Monday, January 17

Freudian typos

I hope I'm not alone in suffering from Freudian typos. Unlike normal typos, these typos are the kind that make you wonder about your mental health. Case in point: I sometimes accidentally type 'lust' instead of 'list.' It's a simple mistake - U and I are right next to each other on the keyboard - but it makes you wonder if I need to get out a little more.


browneyes said...

well i have to admit that i am a sloppy person when it comes to typing. i get in a hurry and want to get my point across. this is the same in anything we do these days. whether it be due to Freud or just plain not taking the time is a matter each must work out for himself. should i make a typo such as you have said (lust) i'm quite sure i would get many a comment on it.
hopefully i wont make that mistake. but if i should, come what may. in this world nothing fails, as Madonna sings, but surely where there are keyboards, typing will fail.

browneyes said...

i really cant understand why a person doesnt manage to get out much anyway. might you be humpback or something? but alas we do have our computers to keep us company. i will keep my fingers crossed you dont get out much (that is depending what (get out) means.
and as for your freudian slip, it would look better in yellow.

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