Sunday, January 30

Deja Blue

Whilst out driving today (on my way back from the supermarket) I was overtaken by a blue streak, now the reason I say this is because I was travelling at a smidging over 80mph and the car that passed me must have been doing at least 130mph. Anyway, I thought to myself 'wow he's in a hurry to get home' ....then I was reminded of something that happened to me way back in my youth.

Turn the clock back almost 30yrs and you will find me standing in the pouring rain at the edge of a very busy Motorway (that's a Freeway to my American readers) hitching a ride, I was about to resign myself to dying of hyperthermia at the roadside when a blue car pulled up and the rear door swung open.
Well, I couldnt get into the car fast enough and was soon beginning to enjoy the feeling that was returning to my body when I suddenly became aware that the car was travelling a little too fast (especially considering the wet road conditions), I asked the driver if he could slow down a little, but seemingly oblivious to my request he starts to tell me how crap his life has suddenly become...
He say's "until recently I was a successful business man, everything was going really great for me. My marriage was good, we were happy, then one day I'm taking a client out for lunch when one thing leads to another and we end up sleeping together. Now, I had until then been completely faithful to my wife and as a result of the guilt that I felt, I decided never to cheat on her again..and never tell her of the incident....fine, you might think, but little did I know that this girl had kindly invected me with sythilis, which in turn I passed on to the wife. Needless to say, the marriage was the first thing to go, followed by the house, the business and now the bastards want to repossess the I dont give a shit if i die driving it."

To cut a long story short, I went into a panick and screamed at the man to pull over and let me out of the car ...after about a mile, he slams on the brakes ..slides across three lanes of traffic and hits the barrier on the nearside lane .
How the heck we survived I dont know ..Define providence ?...maybe, but I'd rather devine providence would have stepped in sooner and prevented me from entering the car in the first place.

So, the blue streak that passed me today may not have been in a hurry to get home after all, he may have picked up a hitcher and was telling them how crap his life was.


Kate said...

It almost sounds like the guy was suicidal and didn't care that you were going to be along for his last ride. :/


Melinda said...

It's a good thing you're still here, mate!

S Deals said...

Great thought... glad you are still with "us"
who ever "us" is......

Sam said...

Glad you're still here, and not dead as a result of one man's lust.
Always stay faithful to your wife, to death do you part.

The blue streak could have been a PowerBall, they say you can throw them upto about 250mph.


Anonymous said...

I"m really glad nothing happened to you. You are here for a reason. I'm sure someone appreciates that fact more than you know.


Knight Of The Rose said... are one lucky dude! :)

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