Saturday, January 29

Two Weeks in the Blogosphere

Well it's been two weeks since I discovered the Blogosphere and already I'm an addict. Thanks to the many plugs and Ads on other blogs I have discovered such wonderful traffic-increasing tools as, Blogexplosion, Blogclicker and Search4Blogs (all free). Already the traffic generated by these has taken effect (look at the counter at the bottom of the page) as today I have exceeded the 3000 mark (YAY).
A warning to anyone who is thinking of joining one (or all) of the above traffic generators ... They are seriously addictive.

Anyone who has passed by my blog in the previous two weeks would have noticed the changes that I've been making to the overall look. I experimented on various designs and colour-schemes, before settling on this Black and White look. I decided on this as I found it easy on the eye -- hoping someone will stay longer than the obligatory 30 seconds to appreciate the benefits on the Iris -- feel free to leave comments and suggestions (constructive critism only hehehe).
Well time to go surf those blogs and clock-up those credits. Oh one last thing, I don't know if the guys from Blogexplosion happened across my little pic in the previous post 'How Apt', but I've won two 25 credit mystery prizes since posting it ...Hehe.


Melinda said...

It is almost like a slot machine, isn't it? LMAO Click and click and wait for the prizes to show up ...

letti said...

lol..i SO know what you mean. i've signed up for Blogazoo, but i can't keep up with it, so i may just keep it there "on hold" and use BE and BC for now :)


Anonymous said...

Nah Blogazoo is way more cool

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