Sunday, January 16

Bells and Whistles

Yeah ..look over there >>>>
I've managed to gloss things up a little with the addition of a clock and a
streaming video feed.
I havent touched HTML for an age, so I am pleased with the results (after hours of trial and error)
And now I feel I have earned the right to sleep, so it's off to bed for me.


browneyes said...

wow you must really be smart to figure all that out. i am just a computer dummy. congrats to you. i think you are maybe of a higher intelligence to do all that.
did you come from mars? all said in the most respect, of course. i also think you might be someone who is special.

Tony said...

Decided to delete the streaming video (and the music) as I received too many complaints from those surfing in through Blogexplosion etc.

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