Sunday, January 23

Big Brother is Watching You

The world abounds with conspiracy theories and paranoia, but do you realise how traceable you are on the Internet. Unless you subscribe to a 'Net Annonymiser' your net activities are open to the whole world (including your emails).
I've added a new link to the blog 'Trace Me?' - click on it to see how traceable you are.
I dont know about you, but I find it rather disturbing that anyone (in the know) can find out exactly where you are. I think our ISP's should do more to protect our Online Identity (obviously still making it accessable to the authorities, but not to Joe Public).
What's your opinion ?


browneyes said...

I just watch a program call Investigative Reports on internet activities of pedophiles. It is scary what happens on the internet and how some people can get away with some terrible crimes. But there are now cyber police out there who are watching people also, just like these other criminals who are maybe watching us. I know there are more hackers and weirdos than police tapping into our systems, but at least the police are at least finally looking into a system that needs to be looked into. Recently, in the United States and Canada, several career pedophiles and child seriel rapists have been arrested by these cyber police and given life sentences. Its a start into policing a hard new world where criminals are hard to find. So, some might better beware of who might be watching them.

Alyssa De Jour said...

Yeah, I have one of those tracker things too. You are right, we are all traceable and anyone can find out everything about us. Personally though, I have nothing to hide so I don't really give a shit. And I don’t think I’m that interesting that anyone would care!! So long as no one has bad intentions towards me, but why would they? And hell, you can worry about these things, but if shit’s gonna happen it will happen in real life anyways. But I certainly see your point and I’m sure there are many folk out there who value their anonymity more than me.

Technicolour Nightmare said...

I don't like that at all. Fortunatly it gave the wrong part of town!

JC said...

This was scary. It was correct to the street that I live on. I am in the middle of a bunch of highways that connect. Yikes! Thanks for the info.

sky said...

It didn't find me at all...put me about 2100kms away from where I actually am. Good to know.

Anonymous said...

It does not trace you, it tracks your ISP which if you're like me is about 100 miles from my house. Lat/Lon is also of the ISP, not your local address. If it were actually trackin your computer it would give the acutal IP address which you can find at this address.

Anonymous said...

It tracks your IP address, If you are behind a proxy server then the IP address it tracks is of course that of your ISP, but many are not behind a proxy server and can be tracked to their street. The degree of accuracy is dependant on the detection of the IP address which is being tracked.

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