Wednesday, January 26

Last Straw

OK I'm happily surfing the net when suddenly everything comes to a grinding halt, then seconds later my PC resets of its own accord. Yep you guessed it, my ISP service went down yet again. Only this time the modem glitched and caused damage to my Motherboard (Mainboard to my American viewers...or Mobo to the geeks among us).
So I immediately contact customer services and ask for a replacement modem (as I refuse to replace the Mobo just for it to be damaged again...i've already lost 2 mobo's to this sucker)...Well after being passed between Customer Services and Tech Support for well over 2hrs, I finally get told that they take no responsibility for the damage and that there is no action they can take.
Well how about this for action NTL (name of Service Provider) ....WORK YOUR SERVICE UP YOUR ARSE ....That action will cost you the loss of my £1200+ per annum custom.


Willful Exposé said...

That's such terrible service! I hope people read your blog and decide to not sign up with them.

Anonymous said...

Um, how come this David Bowie song gets downloaded automatically everytime I happen upon your blog? It's kind of annoying... sorry.

Tony said...

I like David Bowie (matter of fact I know him personally)..also it may download, but it doesn't autoplay (I left the choice to hear it up to you).

Cancergiggles said...

NTL are cowboys. Although I have very few connection problems they love sending bills which are completely fictional.
I had one which said "sorry we forgot to take a direct debit 6 months ago but will take it next month" I checked and no,they had taken every payment. The phone no on the letter was a disconnected service so after having been bounced through loads of other departments they accepted it was an error and in fact they had mistakenly sent the same letter to most of their customers.
By this time I had pretty comprehensively lost it and told them I wanted to cancel the service - yet another phone number permanently engaged which I then found was likely to have several hours delay before I could get through "because they were very busy". Hardly bloody surprising! Having wasted about 6 hours solid I gave up.
Last week (four months later) NTL disconnected the phone 2 hours before we received the letter telling us that this mystery sum still was unpaid. Credit where it's due they reconnected within 10 minutes of me threatening to find the C.E.O. and rip out his spleen
Thanks for the lead in - I feel better now

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