Friday, January 28

One question leads to another?

Do you ever stop and think 'why am I here?', not here at this blog, but here in this life, on this planet.
I have been asking myself this question a lot of late. Once this question has been offered up to the conscious mind, it presents other questions,
such as:-
Does my life impact the lives of those who know me?
Does my life impact those who don't know me ?
Is the impact my life has on others negative or positive ?
Am I getting all that I could be from my life ?
When my life expires, will my grave mean anything to anyone?

Then the biggie ---- Does it matter?

When you ask 'why am I here?' what questions arise in your mind?


Jilly said...

Hi Tony, I have tried blogskins, I think the problem is that I like simple, imageless skins and there are not too many of those about.

I also have to say, 'Why am I here?' is a question I've struggled with since being a kid. It's actually something i can get pretty obssesive about, I don't like not knowing the answers to life and the universe. Deep thinking is one of my specialities!

birdwoman said...

I guess I'm shallow. When asked Why Am I Here, I think because my parents had sex. End of story.

I don't believe that there is some reason for one to be here, I don't believe that there is a purpose that is greater than the daily drudgery.

At the same time, though, I'm a genealogist. And the things that interest me most are not the "how are you related to charlemagne" kind of stuff, or royalty stuff, but the plain stories that I can put together about the pedantic lives my forefathers had. I treasure every detail I find and every fact I deduce, because it makes those people more real once again, though they've been dead a hundred years or more.


Tony said...

Yep, that's shallow LOL

darkhawk said...

I stop and wonder 'why i'm here' occasionaly. But then my mind scrapes along that world of things bigger and more important than any of us and I decide its best to just keep worrying about things I can handle. Like how to scrape up money for dinner tonight.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wonder that "why am I here" a lot. Particularly on a day when I've just used my $20,000 worth of master's degree education to show a patron how to use the scroll feature on a computer so he can use the Internet..........


Bubbles, Ink. said...

I don't ask. I just go and pour a gin and hope to get out of here soon.

Sister said...

My Mom, and every other Catholic English child of her generation, had to memorize the following from the old Catechism:

Q. Who made me? A. God made me.
Q. Why did God make me? A. To know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this world and to be happy with Him forever in the next.

It is nice to have an immediate answer for when this age-old question comes up. But...things were simpler then....

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Happy and Blue said...

I used to wonder just those things. Now I just am glad I am here.

carp said...

I know why I'm here. I have been blessed with the knowledge of why other people are here. You, Tony, I'm sorry, but your here to suffer with not knowing why you are here. Now that you know, does it give you peace of mind? You see, now you are caught, you know that will never know.

Noah Bawdy said...

I think I'm here for God's amusement. Turns out God's got a real weird sense of humor.

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